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Christine D.

I have a 12-year-old shih tzu who is going blind.  Iggy developed many fears along with her sensory loss and was unable to allow anyone around her face, including her groomer.  Allison has been giving Iggy regular therapeutic massage for several months now and there is a big improvement in her confidence.  She can climb stairs, find her way around the house and yard and has no problem now with her grooming appointments.  Allison is very kind and trustworthy with all animals.  She has helped me with dog walking and care when I travel.  I cannot compliment her enough and recommend her wholeheartedly. 

Wayne S.

Allison is a real blessing for our Olivia.  When she is competing in obedience or agility, and she loves to compete, she sometimes gets sore or strained.  After Allison gives her a therapeutic massage you can really see the difference in how she moves.  She really seems to move much easier and be more flexible.

Carolyn N.

I can't find enough words to say how grateful we are to have found Allison. Georgia is a rambunctious terrier mix that expresses her fear from living on the street by pretending to be aggressive. Georgia loved Allison from the minute they met and trusts her completely. I work long hours on my work days & feel so lucky to have someone so trustworthy that will come to my home near the middle of my shifts to be with her, walk her or give her massage treatments. Professional & organized, yet kind & gentle, Allison is perfect for us. I recommend her without hesitation.

Ruth C.

Anyone who knows me, knows how that my dogs are more than pets, they are truly a part of our family. Just over a year ago, we found out that Bailey, one of our girls, already has arthritis.  This news was hard to take since she is a very active dog that loves to play ball, Frisbee, run and swim. At 6 years old, she is already having a hard time standing up from a laying position and jumping on the couch, but her spirit is still strong!
I met Allison and she told me how her massage can benefit my Bailey, so I set up an appointment without a second thought.  It was the best decision I ever made for our girl!  Allison from Artemis came over and gave my Bailey a massage. Just after one massage, I could see the difference in her right away. Her back legs didn't look so stiff!  She also was moving around so much better!  I can't wait to treat her to another massage!!! Thank you so much Allison!!!!

Drema K.

My 14-year-old Schnoodle had a slipped disc in December.  Due to other health issues, no treatment was available, other than crate rest.  Subsequently, Shadow had difficulty walking and was generally lethargic and depressed.  At first he was not comfortable with a massage and would gently mouth Allison's hands to let her know he didn't want to be touched.  To my surprise, by the third visit, Shadow was completely relaxed and at ease with Allison.  In the days following a massage, Shadow has more pep in his step and is actually a little playful - as playful as a 14-year-old dog can be. I feel that Allison's massages improve Shadow's quality of life.  I am happy to have found someone as gentle and caring as Allison.

Gloria G.

Allison has been working on my 13 year old senior sheltie Chance for a few months now. I am pleased to report that he moves with ease now. Before his massage therapy he was walking very stiffly and would have problems getting up from a laying down position on the floor. 
I am happy to invest in his health and well being. He now moves with ease and even rolls around in his dog bed! I would recommend this service for any senior pet. It REALLY does make a difference!

Kelley V.

Allison is by far the best dog/cat sitter we have ever hired. She is professional, friendly and Mitch, Lelu & Axel love her! She gives you a blow by blow account of each day's activities while at your home. She adjusts lights, brings in mail, waters plants... what ever you need! As a past FBI agent you know your house and pets are safe! With 2 kids living out of state, having a great pet sitter is critical. Don't forget shes gives pet massage! - Thank you Allison!angel

Corinne M.

Corinne Martin, Executive Director of Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS), Facility Manager of Animal Protection Facility says:
Allison has been volunteering at our shelter for the past year providing massages every weekend for our shelter dogs.  It's no easy task for anyone to calm down a dog that's been sitting in a cage all day every day, but Allison has worked her magic on them and they love it.  Even in a hectic, noisy shelter environment on the floor of my office, Allison has been able to socialize and calm the most energetic and anxious dogs.  The dogs look forward to her visits and know they are in for something special when they see her arrive.  

Ralph B.

Butler is walking completely normally again, even in the snow and ice, and I credit both Allison's massage work and his acupuncture for helping with the improvement.  He's also going up the stairs all the time and will sometimes go down the stairs.  I'd say that's outstanding for a 13 year old dog recovering from pancreatitis.  Thank you!

Mary R.

I adopted an older dog who is extremely shy and trembles around people she doesn't know, so I was astounded that Allison was able to gain my dog's trust in a short amount of time.  When the massage was done, my dog had a good run in the yard.  She was playful and content, and she somehow seemed much more fluid and natural in her movements.

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